Dog Eat Dog is a creative and ambitious production company based in London. We are a group of producers and directors with one purpose, to create excellent work.
We have worked worldwide for many years and bring an enormous amount of experience to the table for both agency and client alike. We are not afraid of the new world order and are happy to work with challenging budgets as well as their larger cousins.
We are sharp, we are solution led and we are here to make a difference.

We are DED.



Founders and Executive producers, Mark and Harvey met through a mutual friend in Los Angeles in 2014. Mark was at a leading production company in the US and Harvey was in town producing a commercial. They quickly discovered they had a mutual understanding of the ever-changing landscape, a love of film and zero tolerance to bullshit…

After a few years of working together on various successful projects they decided to form a partnership and Dog Eat Dog was born. Mark & Harvey have produced over 500 commercials between them over the last 20 years as well as multiple films, one of which was Oscar Nominated in 2016.

Alex Tate
Head of Film & TV
Alex is an award-winning film financier, executive producer and screenwriter working in London and Los Angeles. He is CEO of Creative Media Finance, a boutique film and television content fund. His expertise is in all aspects of both independent film and high-end television drama productions - from development to production to finance and all the way through to international distribution. His most recent feature films include, Hope Gap, Blood Orange, The Truth Commissioner and Billionaire Ransom.