Jagon (Full Film)


Sometimes being a ‘drop out’ can be the best thing for your career.

This is exactly what MEG felt when he left his electrical engineering course at Ulm University and chose instead to follow his dream, studying filmmaking at the Film Academy Baden Wurttemberg. Soon after graduating he found himself represented by Bite Management in Berlin and latterly by ICM in Los Angeles, proving that the awards he had won making short films on DV in his teens had been no fluke.

With a vivid imagination, his ideas are always unique, epic and compelling. He’s just as at home gleaning emotional yet subtle dialogue from his actors, or staging a stunning sword battle in the dark in the middle of a forest… a versatility that becomes more defined and exhilarating with each year.

As MEG has channeled his unique talents into many short films he is now keen to bring his unique talents to commercials. 2016 saw his short ‘Jagon’ become a hit at many film festivals around the globe, from Europe to Hawaii and beyond, followed by a theatrical release across Germany.

In late 2019, MEG’s latest short ‘Chocolate Man’ will be unwrapped, proof that hard work and vision always pays off.